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Your guide to the rules of social interactions

By Zaynab

Welcome to Bagra Beats

Welcome to the official Bagra Beats Blog. Your guide on the rules of social interactions. The rules that no one wants to talk about. The rules to stop you being a bagra. The rules to stop people doing bagra behaviour to you.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I often post stories about certain behaviours that annoy me or that I find really rude. Unfortunately there’s a lot of talk about being selfless, and kind and doing things for the sake of Allah, and continuing to be altruistic to the point that you’re taken for a mug. We’re not here for that behaviour. So we talk about these things publicly so that people can identify bagra behaviour in others and even possibly themselves.

In life, one of the most important mantras to have is:

Am I a mug?

And if the answer in your situation is yes, then someone is being a bagra and you need to directly or indirectly put a stop to it. Whichever way works better for the situation.

In this blog I will talk about loads of things from guest and host manners, to dealing with money in friendships and much more.

The reason I’m doing this is because in my youth, I did a lot of bagra behaviour but I had a lot of it done to me, and as I get older and wiser, I have less tolerance for disrespect/toxic behaviour.

Someone once asked me whether it was me specifically who just encountered really crappy people, or perhaps these situations happened to everyone but only I was talking about it so vocally and bluntly.

I think it happens to everyone and when you’re in situations that you’ve never been in before it can be difficult to know the best way to react. This is anecdotal and obviously whatever I post you have to apply strategically to your situation if it applies. I take no responsibility for anyone’s lack of tact.

Some important vocabulary for this blog:

Bagra: Originating from the Arabic word baqarah. Where I’m from in Tunisia we don’t say Qa we say Ga so Baqarah became bagra. This is for non malicious bad behaviour.

Haywaan: Arabic word for animal. We use this word to describe people who are shamelessly entitled or intentionally rude and we call it haywaan behaviour.

Profiteur: French word for profiteer. Someone who is a user, a taker, who doesn’t give or reciprocate but likes to take. We create firm boundaries with profiteurs. Make sure to roll your R. Prrrofiteur.

P.S Please don’t take this too seriously.

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